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The official explanation of match-related elements in Call of Duty.  The biggest factor is not the skill but the state of communication  Famitsu.com for the latest information about gaming and entertainment

The official explanation of match-related elements in Call of Duty. The biggest factor is not the skill but the state of communication Famitsu.com for the latest information about gaming and entertainment

A matchmaking system that effectively distributes players with different skills and positions in competitive games. Military FPS seriesCall of dutyHe explained how matchmaking works in multiplayer matches in the series.

This was released in response to the controversy surrounding the idea of ​​Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM), which distributes matches based on a player's skills. To give a very rough explanation, there has been backlash against SBMM, such as: “Combat inevitably becomes too intense between people with improved skills, and the scope of play is narrowed, making it uninteresting (so it should be stopped).” “This is an answer that explains how we approach matchmaking based on our thoughts.

First, the quality of the connection to the data center, then the latency.

This is for normal multiplayer matches, and seems to be different for Warzone and Ranked (4v4) play, but the following factors are taken into account when matchmaking, and are given the highest priority. The first factor is communication connectivity, followed by waiting time, and skills are the third and subsequent factors.

  • 1. Connect to the data center The most important thing is the Ping test, which shows whether the connection can respond quickly.
  • 2. Latency: Focus on the second factor so that you can play with a suitable latency time
  • 3. Other items
    • Playlist View The number of playlists the player can join
    • Most recently played map or mode What is the player's last played map and favorite mode?
    • Skills and Results How good are your skills and what results have you achieved?
    • Input controller or mouse and keyboard
    • PC platform or console (home gaming console)?
    • Is voice chat on or off?
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Consider skills for all

So, the reason to take skill into account (even if you are ranked 3rd or lower) is to avoid a situation where the player with low skill keeps losing and stops playing. If this player base no longer exists, matchmaking will only have to be done with highly skilled players, the matchmaking will not fill and it will end in a tough battle between two outcasts.

On the other hand, the company also accepts the fact that highly skilled players feel unable to have a wide range of experiences, and will continue to look for ways to alleviate this concern.

In the Q&A, the contents discussed in the past will also be revealed.

Below is an overview of the Questions and Answers section. He reveals that he thought about the idea of ​​removing skills from consideration, and also answers questions that border on false speculation.

  • Cumulative playtime up to this point is not taken into account during the matchmaking process.
  • Matchmaking does not affect gameplay elements such as player vision, damage, or aim assist.
  • Money spent on paid content does not affect matchmaking
  • We do not use bots in our matchmaking process
  • Popular streamers don't get much attention (except for events that bring these players together).
  • Allowing the choice of matchmaking algorithm has an overall negative impact and can increase latency.
  • The current conclusion was reached after years of testing what happens when skills are taken out of consideration. Ultimately, it makes you stop playing and the overall experience deteriorates.
  • We've considered not considering skills in certain modes in the past. We'll continue to look at experimental playlists and specific modes to see if they make sense.
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