May 21, 2024


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Why is ethics so important in AI?

Why is ethics so important in AI?

In the era of digital transformation, where artificial intelligence is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the question of ethical responsibility increasingly arises. The Free State of Saxony plans to take a leading role in ethical regulation of these technologies through a Public Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence Ethics. This will be determined in the next legislative council. Minister of State Dr. At the 3rd AI Conference in Chemnitz, SAP's Jessen Martens and Mirko Paul emphasized how important trust and data protection are when dealing with AI. The planned Ethics Advisory Council aims to act as a public body and promote confidence in AI technologies.

The importance of ethics in artificial intelligence

AI systems are powerful tools that have the potential to simplify and improve our lives. However, they can also have unintended consequences if used without ethical considerations. Ethics in AI is crucial to ensuring that technologies are used fairly, transparently, and for the benefit of all. An Ethics Advisory Board can help formulate guidelines that ensure AI systems adhere to ethical standards and do not harm social, economic, or cultural groups.

Objectives of the Ethics Advisory Board of the Saxon Administration

A particular focus of the Ethics Advisory Board will be on integrating AI technologies into the Saxon administration in the best possible and transparent way. This aims to help make life easier for citizens by making administrative processes more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly for customers. By integrating artificial intelligence into public services, the quality of citizen interaction can be improved and administrative procedures can be improved, without neglecting the human element and the protection of personal data.

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The limits of artificial intelligence: a classroom example

Dr. presented. Martens with the story of a teacher class from Leipzig who had to travel from Israel to Cyprus unplanned due to the events of October 7, 2023. When the teacher's credit card reaches the limit, it will take 24 hours for the automatic limit to increase – a waiting time that would otherwise have been… Extremely important in this emergency. This example shows that AI systems, although efficient, cannot respond flexibly enough to replace human judgment in certain situations. The Ethics Advisory Board should take such situations into account and develop guidelines that make it possible to prioritize human intervention in cases of doubt.

The Ethics Advisory Board as a trustworthy authority

The Ethics Advisory Board in Saxony should not only establish guidelines, but also act as an authoritative authority that informs the public about AI decisions and their basis. Transparency and public discussion can enhance understanding and trust in AI technologies, which is essential to achieving widespread acceptance in society.


The establishment of an AI Ethics Advisory Board in Saxony is an important step towards addressing the ethical challenges associated with the implementation of AI. This body will help ensure that AI technologies are developed and deployed responsibly, always focusing on protecting the well-being of all citizens and respecting the integrity of human decision-making. At a time when artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in our lives, such an ethical framework is essential.