May 21, 2024


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Bluetooth Auracast: This is what the new technology brings

Bluetooth Auracast: This is what the new technology brings

The most important features of Auracast

With traditional Bluetooth transmission, you connect one device (transmitter) to another device (receiver) (pairing). You can then transfer audio signals, but only between two devices. This is where Auracast comes into play. The new technology allows multiple receivers to connect to a single audio source at the same time. In other words, mass broadcasting became possible, as in “silent disco”. According to the developers, the number of receivers is unlimited because, like a radio signal, you can easily receive it with the right device. You just have to actively join the stream.

Additional benefits

In addition to multipoint connectivity, Bluetooth Auracast impresses with its low latency (compared to the classic Bluetooth standard and other wireless audio technologies). Low power consumption also extends battery life. The theoretical range is about 400 metres, but this is rarely achieved in practice. Especially since the signal is greatly weakened by walls or other obstacles, for example. It also depends on the power of the transmitter, as with all other radio technologies.

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