August 7, 2022


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When the medical sector in Mauritius depends on technology…

Mauritius is a country of innovation, and all sectors benefit in one way or another from technology support. Here is a collection of health and wellness mobile apps and platforms to try and adopt in your daily life.

BeSafeMoris: The purpose of this application is to raise awareness among the residents of Mauritius on topics related to health and health security. Thus, the real-time information system allows users to be informed without waiting for every communication issued by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Equipped with many features, for example, a map as well as a guide to health centers around the island, health related videos, or even an FAQ containing the most frequently asked questions related to health. Finally, browsing on beSafeMoris is free for my.t mobile network users.

Nodocker: This mobile application aims to improve the quality of medical services. Residents of Mauritius, as well as people passing through the island, are allowed to access the services of a certified health professional in the context of a medical emergency or a traditional appointment. In addition, when the user cannot move physically, he can use the mobile application to conduct a remote consultation or to have a consultation at home.

Apler Digital: It describes itself as the first telemedicine platform in Mauritius, and Ablerdigital aims to achieve it” The gap between doctors and patients for the use of health care this channel. It allows you to exchange online with your doctor and in a confidential and secure environment, and also allows you to receive your prescriptions directly by e-mail or via the application of the same name.

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Morris supported Developed entirely for seniors, Aidemoris is a cloud-based solution. It aims to improve the well-being of “vulnerable” citizens during lockdown and other emergencies. The application allows its user to post messages. ask for help » For seniors who may need food, medical or other essential emergency services during childbirth.

A few minutes is enough to gain quality in life and especially to take care of one’s health thanks to technology. These apps and platforms, to download or visit, are a few examples of the wide range of solutions available to the general public.

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