February 28, 2024


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What new artificial intelligence means for cybersecurity

What new artificial intelligence means for cybersecurity

The announcement of the upcoming launch of Google Gemini shows that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of our lives. As Google advances its larger models of AI languages, companies around the world must be prepared for cybercriminals to follow suit. Successful hacker groups and nation-state actors will continually develop and improve their generative AI. In its recent study, “The Human-AI Partnership,” Arctic Wolf found that companies are neither investing adequately in cybersecurity nor adequately preparing for a potential AI cyber disaster. Only 15% of German companies plan to use a significant portion of their cybersecurity budget for AI-powered solutions. Meanwhile, 41% of senior decision makers believe their companies lack qualified technical staff to manage AI solutions.

IT security needs people

Technology alone will not adequately protect companies from modern AI threats. Humans continue to play an important role in analyzing new attacks. Human staff are needed to put the attacks into context. With their knowledge and experience, they can train AI models that are then deeply integrated into cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Image source: Arctic Wolf

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