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Augsburg: The 5G mobile network is growing |  Commune21

Augsburg: The 5G mobile network is growing | Commune21

[7.12.2023] In Augsburg, street lighting mast systems are equipped with 5G and LoRaWan technology. In this way, the existing infrastructure is used efficiently, and at the same time the usual cityscape is largely preserved.

The city of Augsburg is the first location in southern Germany to convert existing streetlights into modern mobile transport poles, thus creating the conditions for innovative smart city applications. So far, two existing streetlights have been converted into 5G mobile towers. As the city reported, there are already other locations on the horizon. The conversion will make efficient use of existing urban infrastructure and greatly accelerate 5G network expansion. Transportation towers also help preserve the cityscape because they reflect the design of street lights. At the bottom of the transmission mast there is a platform that houses all the technology and provides space for various mobile operators. Antennas and lighting systems are attached to the top. These 5G cell towers, which resemble streetlights, complement rooftop antenna sites and expand the capacity requirements of cellular networks where they are needed most.

Future technologies on the current mast system

In the future, the city could also attach environmental and traffic sensors to the masts to measure air quality or record traffic flows and climate data. Municipal utilities can also mount LoRaWan modules on masts to enable smart metering, i.e. measuring, identifying and monitoring energy consumption and supply using computers. The expansion will also provide the rescue service with a more stable 5G network.
The partner in the urban 5G project is the 5G tower company Synergiewerk. The company specializes in installing 5G technology in street lighting pole systems. This concept is so far unique in Germany, says Horst Thieme, Augsburg’s smart city manager. The planning, coordination and installation of the masts is carried out in close cooperation with local municipal facilities. “We are bringing together telecom service providers and energy suppliers to accelerate the expansion of the 5G network and the use of existing municipal infrastructure,” says Ralf Gerbershagen, Managing Director of 5G-Synergiewerk. (brother)

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Image source: Buidlmacherei from Kaddl