June 14, 2024


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We've gone beyond being an IT company.Craig Federighi does more than usual #WWDC24 |

We've gone beyond being an IT company.Craig Federighi does more than usual #WWDC24 |

As expected, he is the king of fans in the world of technology.

Apple Developers Conference WWDC. As previously reported, there was a big announcement related to artificial intelligence. However, for some people, WWDC is not a place to get the latest information about software;One of the few stages where you can enjoy Oshi. This is where the focus is on the method of presentation and the person presenting, rather than the content of the presentation.

Yes,Craig Federighi Apple Senior Vice Presidentis not it.

Mr. Federighi, who can do little more than make an announcement, sets up a little story at a time, but the stories become more and more glamorous.This year's show is the most glamorous yetThis was an announcement that made Federighi fans very happy.

I've been fighting since the beginning

Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo Japan

WWDC 2024 began from inside the plane carrying this year's speakers. The pilot was Phil Schiller, who became an Apple colleague. He made a flashy appearance as he parachuted into the venue.

As expected, it includes a fan cutout.

Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo Japan

It's not good if you don't feel embarrassed

I'm not the type of person who opens my parachute, lands safely, and then immediately starts the presentation. There has to be a scene where you take off your wetsuit in an amazing way. Definitely decided to stay here.

Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo Japan

Underneath the wetsuit is a standard blue shirt and pants. Naturally, two buttons on the shirt are open.

The most important feature is connecting the operating system.

Connecting iPadOS to MacOS is Mr. Federighi's game of parkour as he moves around the place! This is probably a waste of movement from one place to another to create a parkour highlight. There is no need to move at all.

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GIF: Apple/Gizmodo Japan

Is he the one who practices this sport of parkour? trick? It's foolish to think that way. What Federighi fans want to see is Federighi.Conceptfor this reason.

Small stories during the show

Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo Japan

There has also been a trend of using some kind of force to recall the iPhone from the bag.

This was probably Federighi's main theme a few years ago. Now that large fanzines are common, they are treated as mini stories.

His strong service spirit

This time I realized something clearly. No, I've known this for years, but now I realize it for sure. that it,He does it because he wants to do it, and he wants to do it because he has no other choice.Maybe this is it. I think they are trying to live up to expectations and exceed last year's performance.

Well, the presenters responsible for each category appear in different ways. There are a variety of people, including those who walk naturally inside the frame, those who walk outside, and those who ride road bikes and fly their helmets amazingly well. In other words, the way one looks is up to the individual's desires. …maybe.

Federighi's role all the way

Screenshot: Apple/Gizmodo Japan

From start to finish, Federighi's role was almost complete.

For people who don't care about the executives or people in charge at Apple, the question is “Who?” “You're really special, but who are you?” It's no surprise that some people are asking, “Does this actor work exclusively for Apple?”

In fact, it's no surprise that Mr. Federighi comes into play all the time.HimSenior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple. He's been the head of iOS and MacOS for more than 10 years. At WWDC, a venue for software announcements, it's no surprise that Apple CEO Tim Cook was more prominent in his presence.

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By the way, as a Federigi watcher, I recommend starting advertising for iOS/MacOS. The part where the angle of your feet suddenly changes when you step forward after walking to a specific place. It's so beautiful, like a dance step.

source: apple