June 18, 2024


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Blackmagic Design Case Study: “Haunted” Documentary Series – PRONEWS: A complete guide to all the information about video production

Blackmagic Design Case Study: “Haunted” Documentary Series – PRONEWS: A complete guide to all the information about video production

Blackmagic Design says it is using the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K digital film camera as the main camera for its new documentary series Haunted, produced by Mineworks Film for ARTE, Saarländischer Rundfunk and Hessischer Rundfunk.

The Mineworks Film production is part of the “Discoveries” series broadcast on the European cultural television channel ARTE. This work arose from the desire to create a mini-series that added a twist to the traditional format of programs about nature and wildlife.

Mineworks Film's Frank Mirbach, director and cinematographer of the series, commented:

Mr. Milbach:The challenge was to bring ancient tales to life such as the Beast of Gévaudan, Scottish ghosts, Roman Dracula, and Louisiana Witchcraft.

Blackmagic Design Case Study: The Documentary Series

The film focuses on ancient myths and stories from different cultures, so he decided to follow the cinematic approach in telling the story.

Mr. Milbach:The goal was to present these stories in a way that emphasized the feeling of strangeness. I will show you how the feeling you get from the atmosphere of a place can change dramatically.

The URSA Mini Pro 12K was used as the main camera for the production, which was shot in 8K for delivery to ARD and ARTE in 4K Ultra HD.

Mr. Milbach:I use a URSA 12K camera and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K camera with a DZO Film Pictor zoom lens attached.

This combination combines a modern sensor with a vintage lens, giving the series the soft aesthetic I was looking for.

The main advantage of 8K resolution is image quality and practicality. The URSA's shots are nice, not too harsh like some other cameras, and have a nice smooth look. Ergonomics are also excellent. Important functions such as Kelvin, shutter speed and ISO can be easily adjusted on the body.

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Blackmagic Design Case Study: The Documentary Series

The series is scheduled for release in 2025, and the post-production team's ability to quickly access media was a key consideration in determining the workflow.

Mr. Milbach:At the end of each day's shoot, the footage is backed up using a MacBook Pro M3 Max cloning tool and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Blackmagic Proxy Generator then renders 8K Blackmagic RAW files into smaller HD proxy files that are automatically synced to Google Drive via the 8TB Blackmagic Cloud Store network storage, saving you tons of time.

Mr. Milbach:Our post-production team can use these proxies to create a rough cut of each scene while the film crew continues filming on location. This speeds up the post-production process and gives you instant feedback so you can incorporate it into your shoot.

DaVinci Resolve Studio and Blackmagic Cloud are used in post-production, allowing him to check post-production while filming on set.

Mr. Milbach:By being able to participate in the editing process in real time, we were able to coordinate edits with editors and finishing artists, saving time and accelerating work to meet tight deadlines.

Blackmagic Design Case Study: The Documentary Series