September 16, 2021


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The No Man's Sky Frontiers update has started with many new features

The No Man’s Sky Frontiers update has started with many new features

The next major update to space simulation was launched by No Man’s Sky: the highlight of “Friends” is the construction of the settlements, which can then be managed by the player. In addition, there is still a lot to find in the update. You can see some innovations in the trailer provided by the developers of Hello Games.

There is no human sky

There is no human sky

Border Update introduces new settlements of alien civilizations into the game, which are found in all inhabiting planetary systems. All settlements are practically created, and therefore unique. However, players can design their own settlements and, as supervisors, organize banquets, erect buildings, or resolve conflicts between residents. The revised user interface and hundreds of new components for basic construction should provide more comfort and variety.

In addition, the 17th update for No Man’s Sky offers many more. These include advanced destruction and environmental effects, new trade cards for Steam players, expanded cloud save functionality or new monster comrades. Hello Games includes all other changes as usual Very detailed link tips Together

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