September 24, 2021


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Le groupe californien cherche des moyens de générer des revenus sans perturber la fluidité du service avec plus de publicité.

Introducing paid subscriptions to Twitter influential accounts

Influencers can turn their audience into “super followers” and receive exclusive content for $ 3, 5 or 10 per month.

Twitter on Wednesday paid subscriptions for some accounts, a new tool that pays content creators to expand its audience and rely on advertising revenue.

Influencers – for example, makeup or sports experts – can provide their audience with “super followers” (“super subscribers”) so that they can receive exclusive content (advice, stories, analytics, etc.) by subscribing. Their account is $ 3, $ 5 or $ 10 per month. “As a super follower, you can participate in conversations that are only accessible to other paid subscribers.”, Esther Crawford, product director of the social network, said in a statement released Wednesday. In the future, Twitter will add the opportunity to provide exclusive “spaces” (audio rooms), newsletters or anonymity for subscribers. “Don’t worry, public tweets won’t go away”, She mentions.

The San Francisco-based company does not initially take more than 3% of revenue. When a creator earns more than $ 50,000, after the commission of the mobile operating system (Apple for iOS or Android for Google), the site’s share increases to 20% of revenue. This feature is being introduced in the US and Canada for a limited range of creators who own an iPhone or iPod (Apple). It should gradually be extended to Geography and other dominant systems (Android).

“Dip Jar”

Last May, Twitter released its “Tip Jar”, a tool that allows users to donate to their favorite accounts. In June, the site introduced paid subscription offers for users in Canada and Australia who want access to practical features.

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For about $ 3.50 per month, these paid users have access to bookmarks to store their favorite tweets in categories, a very convenient “read” mode and above all a “Cancel” button before sending their tweets. Finally and let’s modify it. The California team is looking for ways to generate revenue without disrupting the flow of service with more advertising. It has over 200 million active users.