June 8, 2023


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PS5 officially supports 1440p output.  New farm delivery - AV Watch

PS5 officially supports 1440p output. New farm delivery – AV Watch

System software updates are displayed on the PS5 console

Sony Interactive Entertainment will begin distributing system software updates to PlayStation 5 starting September 7. In this update, HDMI 1440p video output and game menu function have been added. It was also announced that new functions would be added to the “PS App” smartphone application.

According to the editorial section, the system software version after the update is 22.02- If the running game supports 1440p display by supporting 1440p output, you can enjoy the original 1440p resolution output. The feature has been in beta testing since the end of July.

Also, if the game supports a higher resolution like 4K, you may experience better anti-aliasing by lowering the resolution to 1440p through ultra-low downsampling. To output 1440p video, a TV or computer monitor that supports 1440p/60Hz or both 60Hz and 120Hz is required. The VRR function of PS5 can output 1080p and 4K video, but it does not support 1440p resolution.

In terms of sound, a function for comparing 3D sound and stereo sound has been added. After listening and comparing the differences, you will be able to choose your preferred settings.

In addition to adding a Game List that allows you to easily manage games on the Game Library screen, you can request a shared screen from group members, and instantly join the game your friends are playing when you join a group. Also, like the ability to receive notifications.

Several new functions will also be delivered to the “PS App” for iOS/Android from this month. For example, you can launch the PS Remote Play app directly from the PS app and start a remote play session. When the PS app is linked to the PS5 controller and the PS5 controller is in rest mode, selecting the “Play with PS Remote Play” icon in the PS App Game Center automatically launches the game and enables remote play.

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Also, like the PS5 functionality itself, you can request a screen share from the PS app or the PS app for group members. “It is a convenient function that allows you to easily communicate with friends even when you are abroad,” he said.