May 28, 2023


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Watch the draw for the round of 16 matches

a raffle prize The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) sets the eight day Toys The octaves End Brazil Cup 2021. The event takes place at the entity’s headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro. Find out where to watch the Brazil Cup draw live and the rules for determining the matches.

The 16 teams in the Round of 16 are: ABC, Athletico, Atlético-MG, Atletico-GO, Bahia, CRB, Criciúma, Flamengo, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Grêmio, Juazeirense, Santos, São Paulo, Vasco, Vitória.

Phase III yielded surprises, including the exclusion of Palmeiras, for CRB, Cruzeiro, Juazeirense-BA, and Corinthians, for Atlético-GO.

Watch the Brazilian Cup drawing live

The definition of the Round of 16 matches will be broadcast on the Brazilian Football Confederation’s YouTube channel, with presentations by Alê Xavier and Chico, both from Desimpedidos, and commentary by Grafite, from SporTV.

The event that takes place at the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation must show the rules and then determine the games for the Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey.

October final matches

  • Sao Paulo x Vasco
  • Fluminense x Criciúma
  • Syndicate × Victory
  • CRB x Castle
  • Flemish × ABC
  • Athletic vs Athletic Joe
  • Bahia x Atletico MG
  • Santos x Juazeiro-BA

What are the rules of the Brazilian Cup

The draw for the round of 16 is scheduled to take place at four o’clock in the afternoon at the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation. There is no division of utensils, That is, all those seeded in the Copa del Rey can face each other in the next stage.

The round of 16 will be played in the return matches and without the guest goal criterion. In the event of a tie on the overall scoreboard, the seed will be recognized with a penalty shootout. Departures take place in the weeks of August 25 and September 1.

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It is worth noting that the prize for the Round of 16 of the Copa del Rey provides for the payment of a share of 3.450 million Brazilian riyals to the teams qualified for the next stage.

Moments after the matches are determined, there will be a new lottery to select the domain commands.