December 1, 2023


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Xbox conference: Will Arkane with “Omen” vampires be shown there? | Xbox One

We are officially two weeks away from the Xbox E3 2021 conference. In two weeks’ time, Microsoft will be introducing Xbox games that will be released between summer and year-end, as well as some titles for the next few years. Among them, a particular game from Arkane Studios could be a part of the game.

Omen: the new fantasy game Pillars?

Arkane Studios is now part of the Xbox family after purchasing Bethesda. Consequently, the games developed by Lyon and Austin will arrive as soon as they release on the Xbox Game Pass, which interests us even more today.

In his bags, Arkane now has well-known franchises like Dishonored and Prey. But while the Leon teams finish developing the Deathloop slated for September 14th on PS5 and PC, there has been another game they’ve been talking about for several months under a codename: Omen. It could be part of the reveal of the new Xbox conference, just like the open-world game Project Typhoon.

En janvier dernier, Harvey Smith (Deus Ex, Dishonored …) confirmait qu’il travaillait sur un nouveau jeu avec Arkane Austin, un nouveau jeu de type immersive-sim semble-t-il prévu sur Xbox Series X | S et PC at least.

A few weeks ago, rumors of Arkane’s game with vampires appeared on the ResetEra forums. The project code name will be “Omen” and can be unveiled during this E3 show with a release scheduled for next year. Just a few days ago, journalist Jeez Corden tweeted an emoji in the form of a vampire, likely to keep the hype around the project going.

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In any case, we definitely won’t have to wait long before getting to the bottom of it, as the Xbox and Bethesda conference will follow live on Xboxygen on Sunday June 13 at 7 PM. Bethesda could have a moment dedicated to its studios in particular during the event that you won’t miss!