June 23, 2024


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Phantom Abyss: Asynchronous Platform Game Released on Video

digital back And the WIBY فريق Team Unveiled recently phantom abyss, a platform game that asks you to explore randomly generated dungeons in order to lay your hands on a sacred relic. you die ? You move to another dungeon. Did you get leftovers? The dungeon closes forever for other players.

The title has something to pique the players’ curiosity and Arrives today on PC, in early access Certainly steam. phantom abyss It has asynchronous mechanics, the player can see the ghosts of the former adventurers to avoid the traps of the dungeon, and he can also avoid the deadly fall into the void thanks to the whip. Obviously, the developers will be following players’ feedback carefully and they are really promising New traps, new dungeon rooms and additional whips plus new areas and mechanics Play during theearly access.

Phantom Abyss is now available on steam For €22.99, it can be played via GeForce now And you can find Computers the games Certainly Amazon.

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