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Roccas Syn Pro Air, the new wireless gaming headset with 3D sound, is now available

ROCCAT’s new wireless gaming headset delivers immersive 3D sound for PC gamers, excellent wireless connectivity, and a new lightweight design – and introduces the innovative new NEON software suite

ROCCAT, the award-winning computer peripheral brand of Hamburg-based Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR), today announced that the new premium Syn Pro Air wireless headset is immediately available at www.roccat.com and all participating retailers worldwide. . The new addition to the brand’s award-winning line of headphones for PC accessories offers a new, lightweight design that delivers first-class comfort for PC gamers, while incorporating Turtle Beach’s acclaimed audio experience and technology. The result is a slim headphone in distinctive Rockat style. The brand’s Stellar Wireless technology ensures a powerful connection and an impressive 24 hours of battery life, while smart AIMO RGB lighting shines impressively through the Bionic Shell. Syn Pro Air also comes with exclusive patented Turtle Beach innovations such as Superhuman Hearing, powerful 50mm Nanoclear drivers, TruSpeak highly sensitive microphone for crisp and clear communication, and ProSpecs ear pads for those who play with glasses. Syn Pro Air also heralds the arrival of NEON, ROCCAT’s all-new software suite with a variety of control and customization options. ROCCAT Syn Pro Air is now available at €149.99.

“The Syn Pro Air is packed with innovations that PC gamers will love, and it’s our first product with the new NEON software suite, developed several years ago,” says René Korte, ROCCAT founder and general manager of PC Peripherals in Turtle Beach. “Our goal with NEON has been to create a new experience for our fans with a driver that reflects the core values ​​of the brand. NEON does exactly that because it is modern, slim and provides the ultimate product experience. We will be adding more features to NEON over the next few months, including support for existing products. Others — but we’re excited that our community can start using them with the debut of the Syn Pro Air.”

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Syn Pro Air breaks the boundaries of traditional 7.1 surround sound and adds a third dimension to the audio landscape with 3D sound. With 3D audio, players can hear sounds from above and below, as well as surrounding sounds. Syn Pro Air sound is produced by Turtle Beach’s unusual sounding 50mm Nanoclear drivers. In addition to immersive 3D sound, Syn Pro Air has a unique Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing sound setting, which reproduces important in-game noises such as B boosts approaching enemy footsteps and thus gives PC players a true competitive advantage.

ROCCAT’s Syn Pro Air uses the brand’s proprietary Stellar Wireless technology to ensure a strong wireless connection. Stellar Wireless constantly regulates the signal strength and battery consumption of the headset to enable great, uninterrupted playback for 24 hours on just a single charge. If gamers forget to charge their headphones, a 15-minute USB-C fast charging provides up to five hours of playing time. The headset comes with a 2.4GHz USB-A wireless transmitter with a 20Hz-20kHz speaker frequency response.

Sturdy and light, the Syn Pro Air is also equipped with Turtle Beach’s goggle-friendly ProSpecs pads, which make playing with goggles extremely comfortable. The memory foam ear cushions and the perfect fit headband ensure hours of comfort. The cushions have a breathable textile cover with moisture-regulating properties to keep out heat and perspiration. For on-the-fly audio adjustments, the Syn Pro Air also has intuitive controls on the ear cups, which also fold flat on the side. The TruSpeak flip-to-mute microphone of the Syn Pro Air, popular with fans, provides flexibility for gamers and streaming devices on the go.

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As with the recently released Kone and Burst series mice, the Syn Pro Air’s AIMO lighting system is offered along with a translucent honeycomb structure electronic housing. PC gamers can configure AIMO with 16.8 million color options via the new NEON software thus achieving their preferred setting. Plus, the Syn Pro Air’s RGB lighting works right out of the box, with no configuration or setup required. Players can now download the new, modern and intuitive NEON driver from http://www.roccat.com/pages/neon Download.

More information on the latest products and accessories from ROCCAT is available at www.roccat.com Such as Facebook social networking siteAnd the YoutubeAnd the tik tok And the Instagram.

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