September 26, 2022


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Walmart: Try On Clothes Now

Convenient room on your smartphone: With Walmart’s new Be Your Own Model feature, users can try on clothes directly in the app using AR technology.

Many online shoppers are probably familiar with the problem: a piece of clothing that looks very good on the model on the website looks completely different on your body after the order arrives. AR based feature Be your own model From the US retail group Walmart can help: In the app, users can now upload a picture of their body and try on clothes virtually and easily

Big show but no men’s fashion

To use this feature, users simply need to choose their favorite piece of clothing and take a picture of the full body in a well-fitting shirt and shorts in a well-lit environment. Then only the height should be determined. Users can reuse the captured image when trying on any of the following garments.

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Users of the app have access to a total of more than 270,000 items of clothing from various brands – including Levi’s and Champions – that they can try on virtually. However, the show seems to be limited to ladies fashion. Walmart says in a press release:

The singlet can come in six different colors, seven different sizes and two sleeve lengths. Our technology captures all the differences and shows how unique they look on each individual.

Choose My Model Become Your Model

As part of the acquisition of the virtual trial platform Zeekit, Walmart launched the Choose My Model functionality in March 2022, which is now followed by Be Your Own Model. With the former, users can choose from 50 different mannequins of different heights, skin tones, and clothing sizes. There are no male characters.

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Security concerns have not been addressed

Unlike Choose My Model, Be Your Own Model provides users with a more personalized experience. Walmart explains that, unlike other similar beta programs, Be Your Own Model does not simply superimpose the image of the garment over the person’s image. Instead, the technique used allows for a more realistic view with shadows and twists.

One important aspect still isn’t mentioned by the company: Walmart isn’t addressing potential security concerns that might arise when uploading unofficial photos. Alternatively, users who feel uncomfortable with this can continue to use the Choose My Model function mentioned above. The Be Your Own Model is currently being rolled out for iOS users, and Android should launch in the coming weeks.

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