December 7, 2023


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“Very happy with Shimmer’s development”

“Very happy with Shimmer’s development”

Nearly 200,000 Active Addresses, Over 40,000 NFTs Mined, Nearly 600 Tokens Created: The IOTA Network flash Runs at operating temperature 2 months after launch. As the leading network in the IOTA roadmap, the network is of great importance. In an interview with BTC-ECHO, co-founder Dominik Schiener comes to the first conclusion – and gives an outlook on what’s to come.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow – today

Smart machines, smart cities, refrigerators that take care of the shopping themselves — admittedly: The Internet of Things, as directed to marketing departments, sounds like science fiction. But the technologies of tomorrow are being developed today. About IOTA, with tangle He wants to provide the infrastructure for money and data exchange in a fully connected Internet of Things (IoT). Outsider perception has faltered again and again due to the high demand for ego, and the sometimes over-ambitious visions of IOTA became more real with the launch of the Shimmer Network.

Stardust in tangles

Test upgrades in a protected environment before pushing them to the mainnet: Shimmer, in essence, acts as an incubator for Tangle. For example, for the Stardust protocol, which allows users to generate native tokens and NFTs, as well as enabling the exchange of smart contracts between Layer 2 and Core networks. In this way, IOTA bypasses fault-prone bridges. Stardust is IOTA’s launchpad to multi-assetLedgers.

When it will be transferred to the mainnet, IOTA co-founder and head of the IOTA Foundation Dominique Cheniere leaves it open at first for BTC-ECHO: “There is still no set date for use on the IOTA mainnet.” However, they want to “incorporate all new functionality vetted by the Shimmer network as quickly as possible so that it can be made available on the IOTA network.”

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We give the system more time.

According to Shiner, one should not rush to move the mainnet: “One of the main reasons we have the Shimmer network is so that we are able to properly test all new features in real-world conditions where value is at stake.” One cannot and does not want to rush oneself: “The truth is, we have to be careful not to rush into integrating something after it’s been successfully running on the Shimmer Network for a few days.”

After all, that’s the network’s primary function: “Shimmer won’t serve its purpose well if we don’t use it as intended,” Schiener explains. “We run the tests ourselves and also monitor community activity and any issues that may arise. So far nothing has happened, but we are giving the system more time to prove itself.”

IOTA chief ‘very satisfied’

The IOTA mastermind hints at least vaguely: “It won’t be long.” Despite the scope of the Stardust Protocol as a token framework, there are “a few critical components in terms of potential security issues.” As a second major upgrade, Schiener also announced the launch of the ShimmerEVM series, “for which we have already published a previous version on which developers from our community can test their decentralized applications.” As a result, IOTA is greatly expanding the range of smart contract-based applications.

Overall, they’re “very satisfied with how Shimmer has evolved,” says Schiener. “Technically, it works perfectly, the community involvement is almost overwhelming.” Shimmer is even “ahead of the IOTA mainnet in terms of available technology.”

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