August 7, 2022


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Asma Company building at Witra site.  (Photo: Bender)

Asma Company building on Witra site. (Photo: Bender)

At the end of 2020, the expansion of the company’s headquarters specializing in plastics Asma in Wietra (Austria) was completed. Adjacent to the existing production facility, the plastic technology manufacturer has built a two-storey company building with production, warehouse, construction services, offices, loading yard and staff car park. The new 4,000 square meter building features smooth material flow, energy efficiency and good working conditions. General building contractor Peneder from Atzbach (Austria) was responsible for the architecture, general planning and construction management of this demanding project.

“When designing a high-tech annex to Asmaa, we not only expanded the production area, but also completely reorganized the operational process. The building now provides technical infrastructure and workplace conditions, which opens up many opportunities for the company to develop new production lines and personnel,” explains architect Bender Evo Cox.

Peneder took logistical operations between the existing building and the new building into account at an early stage when planning the expansion. Direct contact ensures the smooth flow of materials and goods on both floors between the two buildings. With a new loading yard on the side of the building facing away from the neighbours, the three loading areas previously distributed on the site will be integrated. Thus, Peneder has made the pick-up and delivery efficient and at the same time located as far away as possible from the property’s neighbors.

Great importance has also been given to visually and symmetrically integrating the extension into the residential area close to the centre, assures Thomas Brandeis, General Manager of asma GmbH: “The property has been very well received in Weitra, particularly due to the very successful architecture, which fits perfectly with landscapes.

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modern architecture

Asma's corporate headquarters blend harmoniously into the Waldviertel landscape.  (Photo: Bender)

Asma’s corporate headquarters blend harmoniously into the Waldviertel landscape. (Photo: Bender)

The clear shapes and white facade give the company building a natural and understated look. The flat roof completes the structure in its simple geometric form. By including the ground floor in the area, the building appears restrained and part of the environment despite its two-storey construction. The attractive glass facade expresses openness and gives the premises an unmistakable, elegant appearance. Claudia Steiger, Managing Director and Owner of asma GmbH also pleased: “Peneder implemented our ideas in an excellent way, architecturally and keeping in mind the optimization of production processes.”

Energy saving production

Energy consumption is kept low by a wide range of measures. Energy-efficient industrial surface heating and cooling, waste heat utilization, passive night cooling, heat recovery from hot water compressors and energy monitoring are used. Building automation controls and regulates all technical building systems and enables greater comfort, energy efficiency and economy.

Displacement ventilation, which effectively transfers process heat away, ensures a pleasant indoor climate in production. In addition, the heating and cooling of industrial surfaces ensures room temperature control without airflow. Large windows and skylights supply the rooms with daylight, while external sun-shielded protection ensures glare-free operation and prevents heating of the building.

“We are pleased to be able to sustainably support Asma’s growth path with a forward-looking and comprehensively planned company building. With increased efficiency, lower operating costs and optimal working conditions, the new industrial building brings critical competitive advantages,” summarizes Harald Voettinger, General Manager of the unit construction | Business Architecture in Peneder.

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regional and security

From the outset, Peneder took fire protection and property security issues into consideration and took appropriate precautions to avoid potential hazards. This includes a comprehensive concept of fire protection and a new warehouse for hazardous materials.

In addition to creating new jobs, taking responsibility for the region was also taken into account during the construction of the new building: “It was very important for us to commission local deals to work in the context of the construction from the extension of production and thus the added value in our region to retain. In the end, it was confirmed This position was twice for us, as the implementation and collaboration with the companies were largely uncomplicated and professional,” says Gerhard Steiger, Project Manager at Asma GmbH.

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