September 26, 2023


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Every Business Matters – Capgemini Germany

Every Business Matters – Capgemini Germany

Whether it’s using AI to protect whales and the Mojave Desert or teaching digital skills to those in need in Brazil, Morocco and India – Capgemini colleagues around the world work on projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“To create a sustainable future for our planet, we all need to work together,” says Kathryn Tiefenbach, Director of Enterprise Transformation at Capgemini Invent in Hamburg, Germany. “Anyone can do something to help, no matter how small.”

This collaboration is exactly what Capgemini colleagues Kathryn Tiefenbach, Marie Stephens and Sargon Korkes did when they set out to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign. The team says the project reflects Capgemini’s goal of unleashing human power through technology to achieve the future we all want.

“The campaign is a private initiative of the UN Secretary-General,” says Catherine. It aims to raise awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and engage people around the world.

Sustainable Development Goals

exist 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which constitutes an urgent call to action from all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. And they recognize that ending poverty and other types of deprivation must go hand in hand with policies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and boost economic growth—all while combating climate change and working to preserve our oceans and our communities’ forests.

The team came together to provide strategic and technical support to the action campaign and to increase its impact.

For example, the original registration process on the United Nations website discouraged people from reporting their actions to the United Nations world map To log on, many voices are left unheard and stories untold. The redesigned registration process has made it easier for users, whether they are individuals, organizations or official partners, to register and record their actions. The redesigned profile pages have also made it easier for users to connect and network with each other.

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Flip the text

“The campaign slogan is #FlipTheScript,” says Katherine. “It is about changing the narrative and showing that change is possible and that a more inclusive, peaceful, just and sustainable world can be achieved – that every action matters, no matter how small, as long as it makes a positive difference.”

Examples of actions shown on the map include a school in Bali participating in beach clean-ups to remove plastic waste, introducing municipal plastic recycling bins in Algeria and learning about the benefits of bamboo as a sustainable material in Zimbabwe. The team says that taking positive action could be as simple as watching a documentary about climate change.

“When we discussed how to improve the world map, we wanted it to be a really useful tool for the UN Sustainable Development Goals work campaign and not just a great addition to the site,” says Marie, senior advisor at Capgemini Invent in Hamburg. “By showing a detailed picture of all the small sustainability actions that are being taken around the world, we can raise awareness of how others are also taking action. In this way, it becomes a tool that gives the campaign team an overview of the activities and allows them to report on the success of the campaign. We hope that This, in turn, helps the UN SDG Action Campaign continue to receive funding in support of the SDGs.”

Bring technical expertise

Sargon, vice president of digital experience services at Capgemini in Berlin, says such a global initiative at the grassroots level often needs additional support in order to succeed.

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“The aim of the UN SDG Action Campaign was to get as many people involved as possible,” he says. But large organizations like the United Nations sometimes need a little extra help to get things done quickly. With our experience and technology knowledge at Capgemini, we knew we could help make a difference.”

Catherine and Mary also encouraged their colleagues to get involved: “Our work with the United Nations Sustainable Development Action Campaign continues and we ask our colleagues to commit to taking action and help raise awareness to sharpen the SDGs.”

Create a positive future

For the entire team, the project was a good example of how Capgemini colleagues can bring different skills into a single project.

“Catherine and Mary reached out to the client to really understand what the project was about,” says Sargon. “My role was to bring my knowledge of creating immersive experiences to the table before passing it on to the technical team of the UN SDG Action Campaign. It was a real collaboration. We reviewed their approach and strategy, and brainstormed what they needed to change in order for the campaign to have the biggest impact. It empowered us Working with the UNSDG Action Campaign team enables us to do what we do best at Capgemini, which is to use technology for a positive future.” If we want that future to be sustainable, “the campaign message that every action counts is a message,” Catherine says. We must all remember it.”