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US space agency: NASA plans two new Venus missions

Status: 03.06.2021 03:23 am

Since 1978 NASA has not been in the atmosphere of the neighboring planet Venus. The US space agency is now planning two new missions. You must unravel one of the greatest secrets of the heavenly body.

The US space agency NASA is planning two new missions to the neighboring planet Venus. “Da Vinci +” and “Veritas” are scheduled to depart from Earth in the direction of the second inner planet in the solar system between 2028 and 2030. $ 500 million each will be available for development.

“Da Vinci +” plans to map Venus to “Veritas” while exploring the atmosphere of the Earth-like celestial body. Despite Earth’s conditions, these missions are aimed at creating more knowledge about why Venus became an hostile planet with extreme temperatures, NASA continues. The planet may have been “the first world to live in the solar system” long ago. It may even hold an ocean – up to Da Vinci + to find it.

Why is the temperature so high on Venus?

The “Da Vinci +” mission consists of a ball to measure the composition of gases submerged in the atmosphere of Venus. Its purpose is to find clues as to why such a strong greenhouse effect could develop in the planet’s shell, leading to temperatures of several hundred degrees. In addition, “Da Vinci +” should create high-resolution images of the geographical feature of Venus, reminiscent of tectonic plates on Earth.

NASA has not been on the planet’s atmosphere since 1978. In the meantime, Venus should be mapped to determine the geographical history of the planet “Veritas” and to explain why it grew differently from Earth. In the project, a spacecraft equipped with radar orbits Venus and creates a 3D image of the process. NASA researchers hope to gain insight into whether processes such as plate tectonics and volcanism are still active on Venus.

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