May 25, 2024


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The Rabbit R1 AI device is officially launched, demonstrating the CEO's grand vision

The Rabbit R1 AI device is officially launched, demonstrating the CEO's grand vision

The goal of r1 is to effectively replace applications. Instead of searching for an app icon, you can just press a button and ask R1 to do something.

At CES, it appears that several third-party apps will be available through the R1 from its launch. But for now, it's limited to four services: Uber, DoorDash, Midjourney, and Spotify.

To connect to third-party applications, connect to the portal site.i.e. hosted by BunnyVirtual machineYou can pass the authentication information through something like, login. After signing in, you can ask r1 to hail an Uber, order a McDonald's, create a photo, or play a song. r1 has been trained to use these websites, but does not access the API (Application Programming Interface).

According to Rabbit CEO Jesse Lowe, the Rabbit R1 will have more features, including travel planning.

Photo: Julian Chocato

Of course, Roy still promises many other plans. “In the summer, we can expect features like alarms, calendars, contacts, GPS, memory recall, and travel planning,” says Roy. Integration with Amazon Music and Apple Music is currently being developed. After that, integration with more third-party services is expected, including Airbnb, Lyft, and OpenTable.

When you hear such an explanation, you might think, “Wait a minute. Isn't this like a smartphone?” However, this impression is by no means wrong.

As evidenced by Humane's old, feature-limited Ai Pin, smartphones can do all of these tasks better, faster, and with greater interactivity. This is something we need to keep an eye on regarding the rabbit's overall vision.

Plans for associated wearables have also been revealed

The goal of the rabbit is to get the machine to talk to you first, and then have the computer do the processing. No application needed. This is because computer-based understanding is sufficient. Although that's still a ways off, Rabbit teased at the launch event the launch of a wearable device that can understand what you're pointing at.

Rabbit R1 press event

Photo: Julian Chocato

Regarding this wearable device, Roy says, for example, when a user wants to lower the temperature in a room by pointing to Google Nest, this can be understood without using the words “nest” or “thermostat.” However, the image of this supposedly “multi-purpose” wearable device was blurry, so more information cannot be provided.

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