May 31, 2023


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WhatsApp, iMessage : voici les apps de messagerie qui vous espionnent selon le FBI

Here are the messaging apps that the FBI is spying on you

Everyone knows what you see on the internet. But do some apps protect your personal information? Not all news organizations have the same security. The FBI Has now released all applications that share your data with the government. Famous Share Will be in the viewfinder used by a lot of people.

Share: Your conversations are not protected!

A document has now been found Rolling Stone. This indicates that FBI Uses personal data ofiMessage And Share. So, states can access all your news, photos, history through these news services. And, apparently, the door is wide open Share Compared to other applications. In fact, the latter allows you to access more things. The document in question explains the possibility and ” FBl’s ability to legally access the content and metadata of secure messaging applications.

Also, it applies to US officials who have very easy access to your communications Share, Meta New name of the group Facebook As well as’iMessage d ‘Apple. The FBI You can file a search warrant or sapona based on the information in this app. However, these messaging applications continue to talk about data security, thanks to end-to-end encryption. iMessage And Share So don’t give yourself great protection no matter what they suggest.

iMessage: A partner FBI !

Here is what we learned from Mallory Nodal, technical director of the Center for Democracy and Technology. Apple has iCloud encryption, but they still have the keys, and as long as they have the keys, the FBI can ask for it. ”. That Meaning With simpler words than a simple request to the court; Your personal information iMessage Can provide to FBI Or to the government. In fact, the document FBI Emphasizes thatApple Must give all information held by its subscribers. In particular, 25-day history. For example, this information may be research on specific individuals.

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On the other hand, the data does not take into account the actual messages or whether these messages were exchanged between multiple users. IMessage is no exception in spyware messaging applications. In fact, according to the document FBI, We can also quote Line, Telegram, Viber, Signal, Trima, Visat and Wicker. But, some of them give more security to their users. In fact, for example, Telegraph Refusal to provide IP address or cell phone numbers in case of suspicion of terrorism. What else, Signal Last mailbox provides only the registration date and time of use. When Share Shares everything and has no restrictions! All your data is brought to the silver plate, which we explain to you below.

Share: Best friend of the FBI?

In fact, it seems so Share Those who share your personal data without limits. According to the document “Legal access ” Of FBI, Which Application Provides all user information and activities in real time. In fact, it is not safe. As stated in it FBI, With a search warrant, Share Provides governments with contacts of the address book of the person concerned, but also contacts of other users in contact. Of course, the FBI Provides news and all their content.

Even worse aspect is that Share Creates metadata about each user that is generated every fifteen minutes. This metadata refers to who and when a person sends messages, but also to other users in the address book. It goes a long way. In addition, all these steps are very simple FBI. In fact, ” If the target iPhone is used and iCloud backups are enabled, the information stored in iCloud may contain WhatsApp data, including the content of the messages ”. Share Limits this espionage with a new update. The latter will improve the security of the backup device.

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However, this is not surprising news. In fact, it has already been seen in magazines Share Lied about its end-to-end email encryption. Edward Snowden, a whistleblower, released information on the lack of security in 2019. Share. ⁇ The FBI tracks our data online, exploring the intimate details of our daily lives, threatening all of us and paving the way for dictatorial rule., Managing Director Yan Shapiro explains People’s property, During an interview Rolling Stone.