April 15, 2024


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Billy Elish This Year's "Amazon Prime Day Show"

Billy Elish This Year’s “Amazon Prime Day Show”

Amazon today announced this year’s “Prime Day Show” stars. Accordingly, Billy Elish, Her and Kid Gudi deny the three-part musical event. All three episodes will be available for free streaming to Amazon customers worldwide for 30 days on Amazon Prime Video from June 17. Prime membership is not required.

What is there to see?

Viewers can expect a mix of music and story in each episode. It goes to the famous Dunbar Hotel and Space in Paris, Los Angeles.

Billy Elish

Billy brings to life a timeless Paris neighborhood with a variety of cinematic performances. Set in the city known as the birthplace of cinema, the film features new tracks from Billy’s upcoming album Hopper. This musical homage was inspired by Billy’s long-standing fame for the past.

The Prime Day Show is produced by Billy Elish Fremond and Amazon Studios and directed by Billy Elish and Sam Wrench. Ashley Edens is the executive producer and Sam Wrench is the co-executive producer. Length: Approximately 27 minutes


Known as the center of black culture in Los Angeles in the 1930s and ’40s, the Dunbar Hotel was home to some of the most important figures of the time, including Duke Ellington, Lena Horn, Billy Holiday and many other musicians. A modern, musical tribute to this glorious and important history and culture, the Dunbar Hotel imagined what it would have been like in 2021 and performed new music from their album Back of My Mind.

In Prime Day Show x Her Fremont, produced by Wolf + Rothstein and Amazon Studios and directed by Baby. Ashley Athens has served as executive producer, while Chad Taylor, Fam Rothstein and Sam Wrench have co-produced. Length: Approximately 25 minutes

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Drink Kit

In his greatest mission to date, Kid Gudi leaves Earth to discover a new community on the moon in this intergosmic performance. This episode features music from his album Man on the Moon III, and Gudi has worked with the International Space Band. The band was formed by astronauts from NASA’s Ames Research Center, Chetty Institute and the International Space Station, and with it, as a band, creates a concert of optics, sound and space.

Prime Day Show x Kit is produced in Fremond by Wolf + Rothstein, Mad Solar and Amazon Studios, directed by Sam Wrench. Ashley Edens was the executive producer and Chad Taylor, Fam Rothstein and Sam Wrench were the co-executive producers. Length: Approximately 25 minutes

The Prime Day Show will also be shown on Amazon devices such as Fire TV, Echo Show and Fire Tablets via Twitch, IMDP TV and Prime Video.