March 25, 2023


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Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera configuration may be lower than expected - equipment

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold 3 camera configuration may be lower than expected – equipment

Samsung’s next generation of foldable smartphones May come before July And rumors about equipment continue to spread online. Although the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 is believed to keep its front camera “hidden” under the screen, the configuration of the device’s photo sensors may leave much to be desired.

According to the “Informer” frontron, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have three rear and two front cameras. The rear configuration has three sensors, all 12 MP. Contains: wide angle lens, ultra wide angle lens and telephoto lens. The front configuration will have a 10MP lens and a 16MP lens.

Confirms the information provided by the “informant” Via Twitter, The new fold will have almost a configuration Just like its predecessor. In contrast, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung released earlier this year e Had the opportunity to enjoy SAPO TEK, Ultra White 12 MP for its camera configuration, 108 MP with OIS. Width, one tof and two 10 MP. There are telephoto cameras.

It does not touch on the rumors about the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Rumors put forward by “informed people” Based on Chinese social networking sites Weibo and the YouTube channel Ice Universe, based on advertising materials for the brand, Colox demonstrates that the smartphone supports the S Pen and that users can use the Samsung Stylus. Notes off while in video conference.

Note that the main screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is 7.5 inches and the coverage is 6.2 inches. Its design is wider and shorter than the Z-fold 2, its battery ranges from 4,500 mAh to 4,380 mAh, and its screen features OLED LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) technology.

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Recently, Samsung The show was released during the Week 2021 tech event Its folding is what it makes for the future of smartphones, introducing new panels for larger screens, including space for cameras hidden under the screen.