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University of Tokyo Komaba Research Campus Open 2023 |  University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo Komaba Research Campus Open 2023 | University of Tokyo


  • Institute of Production Technology
  • Advanced Science and Technology Research Center

Publish date: May 24, 2023

Background Information

He distinguishes others
the target audience General Public / Enrolled Students / Applicants / International Students / Graduates / Companies / Primary School Students / Junior High School Students / High School Students / University Students / Faculty and Staff
Date (holding period) June 9, 2023 at 10:00 – June 10, 2023 at 17:00
place Kumaba Hybrid Neighborhood
place University of Tokyo Komaba Research Campus and Online
Entry Fee free
application method Prior application required


Application acceptance period May 12, 2023 – June 10, 2023

The University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Sciences and Advanced Science and Technology Research Center University of Tokyo Komaba Research Campus Open House 2023 will be held in a hybrid format over two days, June 9 (Friday) and 10th (Saturday).

The University of Tokyo Research Campus of Tokyo Komaba Open University is held once a year for professionals and the general public, with the aim of making our research and activities widely known. This year, we will be holding several events where you can experience the latest research findings by world-class researchers through a hybrid event that combines face-to-face planning on campus with online distribution.
The content aims to make science more informative and interesting not only for researchers from companies and other research institutes, but also for primary, secondary and high school students who will lead the next generation, as well as the general public. We hope you will visit our campus, or enjoy the latest research from the comfort of your home or on the go from your computer or smartphone. We look forward to your participation.

* Please book in advance for a campus visit.
* Depending on the new coronavirus infection status, there is a possibility that the personal type will be canceled and will be kept online only.

The latest information about advance reservations, programmes, schedules and formats can be found on the special website.

Program example: June 9 (Golden) 10:00 11:50
Special Lecture “Digital Transformation”

Expectations are growing for digital transformation (DX), which will revolutionize the way people and society live and should create new value through the penetration of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data. Opening the Komaba Research Campus this time, as a DX-related initiative of the Institute of Industrial Sciences and the Center for Advanced Science and Technology Research, the risks hidden behind the light of the value brought by DX and its solutions, and how DX creates architecture and cities presents an impact and potential

10:00~10:20 Greetings from the manager
Professor Toru Okabe, Director, Institute of Industrial Sciences
Masakazu Sugiyama, director of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology

10:20-11:05 Lecture
“Digital Transformation and Reliability”
Professor Kanta Matsuura, Institute of Industrial Sciences
As we have seen from the experience of the pandemic, the digital transformation of social activities brings various benefits that go beyond cost reduction. However, it has security and privacy issues, as well as issues with social acceptance, such as increased power consumption. In this presentation, I will talk about the research that aims to establish “dependency” supported by various stakeholders by resolving these social issues and maximizing its benefits.

11:05 11:50 Lecture
“The potential of artificial intelligence and big data in architecture and cities”
Advanced Science and Technology Research Center Yuji Yoshimura Designated Associate Professor
Advances in digital technology are fundamentally changing our daily lives, urban landscapes, and the way cities are created. The advent of new types of analysis methods such as machine learning achieved computational volumes that were impossible to rely on only on human eyes and hands, and began to reveal the “hidden system” behind cities. Will these developments in science and technology, and the changes they bring about, affect the way architecture and cities are created? Will “Growing Cities With Data” Enrich Our Lives? In this lecture, we will explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and big data for architecture and cities.

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