January 31, 2023


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FIFA 23 is coming, but EA may then part with the brand

FIFA 23 is coming, but EA may then part with the brand

Ultimately, FIFA is only four letters on a box, according to Andrew Wilson VGC In an internal meeting at EA. It’s a popular brand, no doubt about it, but it also holds EA back and it’s still pretty expensive.

EA wants to get more out of the game

For example, according to internal sources, EA wants to do more with the game and expand the ecosystem and capabilities. But FIFA just wants a classic soccer game. So what’s next for EA and the FIFA brand?


Negotiations are currently underway, but the contract will theoretically expire after Qatar. FIFA 23 is yet to come and will feature two (men’s and women’s) World Cup tournaments, but the future after that is yet to be decided.

EA already announced last year that it could split from FIFA and that $2.5 billion should play a role there. Internally, one (not all) is convinced that the series could do more without FIFA.

FIFA is the most successful game series

It’s a double-edged sword, because FIFA is too The best selling game of most years And EA’s most profitable brand. Will the game work without the logo on the box (or icon)? This is the big question now.

The question then will also be whether another developer studio will strike and pay this amount to FIFA. Without this competition, EA could certainly build its own brand, but after successfully establishing the FIFA brand in the gaming world for so many years, it would be very difficult to compete.