March 3, 2024


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Ukraine imposes sanctions on Montlinger Technology | FM1Today

On Thursday, Ukraine announced the imposition of new sanctions on 181 individuals and 185 companies. Swiss company NVS Technologies AG, headquartered in Montlingen, is said to be on the list. This is what the site reported:Scenery” Saturday.

The newspaper notes that the decree published on December 7 on the website of President Volodymyr Zelensky indicates that the list will be sent to the responsible governments – including Switzerland.

Rhine Valley company NVS Technologies, which specializes in satellite navigation, ranks 48th among the companies subject to sanctions. As Blake also wrote, a Russian national was entered as managing director in the commercial registry.

The list did not explain the reason for imposing the penalty. Measures such as freezing assets or a complete ban on the activities of NVS Technologies will be mentioned in the decree, among others.

Technologies such as those produced by Eastern Swiss are particularly used in military technology. For example in weapons systems and drones. However, it is not clear which NVS Technologies products can be used, where, and how.


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