March 3, 2024


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There are now two independent production and technology departments – Media Portal

There are now two independent production and technology departments – Media Portal

As of April 1, 2024, the current Production and Technology Department of SRF will be divided into two independent departments. The new department heads will be Bettina Hübner and Olivier Bühler, already responsible for production and technology respectively. They both also sit on the management of the SRF. Christoph Gebel, former Head of the Production and Technology Department, will retire in the summer of 2024. With the reorganization, the areas of Manufacturing Management, Coordination and National Services (CNS) will become part of the future Production Department.

The “SRF 2024” strategy has already planned the transfer of production and technology to two independent departments. At that time, the project was postponed until a later time. Christoph Gebel has now decided to hand over his duties as Head of Production and Technology and member of the SRF management team on April 1, 2024. SRF Director Nathalie Wapler is using this change at the top of the company’s largest division, which includes about 1,000 employees, as an opportunity to implement organizational adjustments and split Production and Technology into two parts. Independents. Both business areas are critical to SRF’s digital transformation. As independent departments, they will be able to devote themselves more consistently to their ever-changing missions in the future. The heads of departments, Bettina Hübner and Olivier Bühler, will assume responsibility for the sub-fields of production and technology.

As part of the reorganization, the areas of Manufacturing Management, Coordination and National Services (CNS) will become part of the future Production Department. As the interface between content and production, SRF’s Production Department has been responsible for the planning and production of the entire show since 2021. By integrating manufacturing and production management, the competencies needed for the entire production process are consolidated within a single organizational unit. The new production can therefore support content departments more efficiently and effectively in creating audio and video content. The basic work of CNS is to coordinate, exchange and transmit media content. Mario Denzler remains head of manufacturing management. As previously announced, Ritu Vaidhi will head CNS effective April 1, 2024. He succeeds Thomas Mayer, who will retire at this point.

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Experienced leaders as new department heads
Bettina Hübner has been Head of Production at SRF since June 2023. During a career spanning more than 30 years in production, the 57-year-old was previously responsible for, among other things, managing RTL’s motorsport production and live broadcast teams in Red Bull Media House GmbH and video content in Bild TV. .

SRF Director Nathalie Wapler on the selection of the future Head of Production: “As one of the central forces in the realization of our shows, production at SRF plays a key role in the digital transformation. Bettina Hübner has proven over the past few months at SRF that she has the necessary experience and qualities capable of overcoming these challenges Upcoming. I very much look forward to our close collaboration within the management team in the future and wish her every success in the assignments ahead.

Bettina Hübner looks forward to her future assignments: “It is a great honor to be able to take on this responsibility. I do so knowing that I can rely on a highly professional, committed and innovative team. I am particularly looking forward to the new collaboration with Mario Denzler and Ritu Vaidi and their teams. Being close to the departments Content and Corporate Units Strengthens our media content production for all distribution channels. I am convinced that together we will determine the best possible path for transformations.

Since April 2021, Olivier Bühler has been holding the position of Chief Technology Officer, newly created as part of the “SRF 2024” transformation. He joined SRF and TPC in 2017 as Head of Technology Services. Previously, the 59-year-old led the development and implementation of the global IT strategy and IT roadmap at Landys+Gyr as Head of IT.

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Nathalie Wapler on the future CTO: “An ideal technology infrastructure is essential for a media company in the digital age. Together with his teams, Olivier Bühler has courageously driven this comprehensive technological transformation into a digital, data-driven provider of audio and video content over the past few years. “He is the right person to continue implementing this transformation consistently. I wish Olivier every success. I am really looking forward to our continued collaboration.”

Olivier Bühler on his new mission: “In order to be able to constantly implement digital transformation and be a media company for all according to our performance mandate, new technologies play a very important role. Our mission in technology is to create the prerequisites for this. I am really looking forward to contributing In the success of SRF with a great team and the ability to participate.”

Change leadership in production and technology
The organizational reshuffle already planned for “SRF 2024” will be implemented on April 1, 2024. At this point, Christoph Gebel will relinquish his duties as Head of Production and Technology and member of the SRF Management at his request. The 64-year-old will ensure an orderly handover of the business to future directors until his regular retirement in July 2024.

Christoph Gebel has held senior positions at the SRF since 2001, first as Program Director of the radio stations DRS 1 and Musikwelle, then as Head of Entertainment, Senior Advisor to SRF Management and, since 2020, as Head of Production and Technology. .

SRF Director Nathalie Wapler: “In his career, Christoph Gebel has never done things by halves. More recently, he has developed extensive knowledge in production and technology and has given these important areas a strong voice within SRF management. This is largely due to Christoph’s commitment That the production and technology are now widely accepted within the SRF, four years after the reintegration of TPC. I would like to thank Christoph Gebel very much for this. His careful analyzes and clear words will be missed within the management. I wish Christoph all the best in the post-retirement period and the realization of his many projects Close to his heart.

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Christoph Gebel: “In the transformation project “SRF 2024”, one of the strategic goals has always been to split the Production and Technology Department in the medium term. This will make what today is the largest department with more than 1,000 employees easier to control and manage and will be more consistent with audience, program and transformation requirements. Digital. The preparations for this section have now been completed and will take place on April 1. The SRF will continue to face constant challenges due to new user needs, production types and technologies. Bettina Hübner and Olivier Bühler are designed to manage and develop knowledge and resources intelligently and efficiently. They bring the necessary passion and passion for public service. I wish They sincerely have a lot of happiness and success in their new roles.