June 13, 2024


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Truth and Other Inventions.  From horror novels to world literature - SWR2

Truth and Other Inventions. From horror novels to world literature – SWR2

Liberation and Moderation: Alexander Wazner
With books by Scholdt, Evie Wilde, Fanny Opitz, George Arthur Goldschmidt, Celeste Albaret, Marcel Proust

In a way, most of the books in this well-read magazine are about the writer’s freedom to tell indifferent things about facts, just because he wants or needs to be told.

George Arthur Goldschmidt remembers his brother – the relationship was difficult, and the Nazi dictatorship did the rest to strain this relationship.

We’ll also talk about the individual interpretation of Chinese characters by Schuldt the avant-garde in Hamburg, about Evie Wilde’s feminist horror novel “Die Frauen”, so celebrated in England, and about the question of how authors can be journalists and writers at the same time – Tom Wolfe, for example example.

Finally, we look forward to Marcel Proust’s 150th birthday on July 10.

Guilty – to live and die in China
Matthes & Seitz Verlag, 293 pages, €28
ISBN 978-3-95757-946-1
Conversation with Leah Schneider and audio sample, read by the author

Evie Wilde – Women
Translated from English by Tania Handels
Rowohlt Verlag, 512 pages, €22
ISBN 978-3-498-00206-0
Beat Troger . Review

Fanny Opitz – Literary Journalists – Writers Journalists
Text copy, 318 pages, €44.99
ISBN 978-3-8376-5460-8
A conversation with writer Fanny Opitz

George Arthur Goldschmidt – The Dead End
Wallstein Verlag, €20, 111 pages
ISBN 978-3-8353-5061-8
Christoph Schroeder review

Happy 150th birthday to Marcel Proust
Celeste Albaret – Mr. Proust. Housekeeper’s memories

Recorded by George Belmont
With a foreword by Andre Akiman
Translated from the French by Marguerite Caro
Gatsby Verlag, 540 pages, €34
ISBN 978 3312 240143
Marcel Proust – The mysterious letter writer. Early novels
Posted by Luc Fraisse
Translated from the French by Bernd Schweppes
Suhrkamp Verlag, 174 pages, €28
ISBN 978-3-518-42972-3
Alexander Wasner review

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Anton Berman – TaM
Label: Anton Berman (Eigenverlag)

Doors – light a fire
Put the right word: unicorn