September 26, 2023


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Happy 150th birthday to Marcel Proust

Happy 150th birthday to Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust’s birthday will be on July 10 for the 150th time. He wrote one of the world’s longest novels, “In Search of Lost Time”, which has more than 4,000 pages. Nevertheless, the book is among the most famous in world literature. Perhaps because he has succeeded in resisting the unreasonable demands of digitization. Books that make the approach easier are now appearing.
Alexander Wasner Review.

Marcel Proust – The mysterious letter writer الرسائل
Early novels
Posted by Luc Fraisse
Translated from the French by Bernd Schweppes
Suhrkamp Verlag, 174 pages, €28
ISBN 978-3-518-42972-3
Release date: 6/19/2021

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