November 30, 2023


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Ramon Roselly

CD review: Ramon Roselly – Favorite Moments

Ramon Roselli has revealed some of his “favorite moments” on his new album, thus presenting a remix of selected favorite songs with which he relates the most beautiful moments of his life. With 14 titles, the DSDS winner honors almost his very personal “favourite moments.”

Everyone has their own personal moments in life that they definitely don’t want to miss and that are always fondly remembered. So is Ramon Roselli, who now offers his very personal “favorite moments”. On his second album, Ramon Roselly reveals some of his favorite songs, with which the DSDS winner relates great moments in his life. Schlager’s wonderful voice, which Ramon Roselli has already managed to record in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, makes these “favorite moments” a special listening pleasure and guarantees unforgettable moments for the large fan community.

Ramon Roselli reveals his most beautiful favorite moments!

in the album Ramon Roselli Presents “Favorite Moments” Selected favourites, starting with German classics like “Come and Use You” or “Please Don’t Look at Me That Way”. The sympathetic singer, who was able to conquer Schlager’s world in so short a time, also delivers pieces by Julio Iglesias, Howard Carpendale or Barry White – all wrapped in a contemporary vocal dress. The 2020 DSDS winner also offers a duet in his second production, for example Romon Rossli recorded a song with Nelson Muller, who usually inspires his followers as a star chef. Nelson Muller and Ramon Roselli gave a highly successful production with “You’re All I Want”.

Ramon Roselli: Favorite Moments – Conclusion

Ramon Roselli is an absolute stroke of luck for the success scene. The DSDS winner has a beautiful sound with incredible recognition, is super stylish and looks great on top of that – what more could you want. Ramon Roselly topped the chart with DSDS winning with “Eine Nacht”. The debut album “Herzenssache” also managed to take a great place in the charts, and now Ramon Roselly supports it with “Favorite Moments”. Schlager fans will cheer, because Ramon Roselly’s new album showcases many of the highlights of the genre, which has found an incredible number of new fans in recent years. Ramon Roselly performs great tunes in his new production, all produced in a modern way and the clear sound of the DSDS winner makes this a special listening experience.

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Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: Electroola/Ben Wolf