June 23, 2024


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Triggering tourists via Anno 1800 on the bus

Triggering tourists via Anno 1800 on the bus

The eighth add-on was called today “Travel time” of Year 1800. In the latest expansion, Ubisoft introduces a vision and various buildings / facilities in a strategic game that will transform your island into a tourist stronghold. Players can open restaurants and hotels and help guests explore large city centers with buses. To streamline local public transportation, you should place bus stops that automatically go to nearby visitor magnets.

According to Ubisoft, the implementation of another train network will take more time, so there are no trams, but buses (they do not require fuel because imaginary controls reliability). Travel time costs 9 euros, and it is “Season 3 Boss” Included for 20 euros.

As part of the free update, there were some changes that affected all players Year 1800 Benefit. These include reducing game speeds by up to 50 percent, automatically rebuilding cleared forests and sending money to friendly online players.

They are: Ubisoftin.

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