June 23, 2024


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Conflict will soon receive a new map and event

Conflict will soon receive a new map and event

After the “When the Crow Flies” event, in Hunting: Conflict Breaking his own peak record for players at the same time, Credek today (25) announced that new content will be coming into the game soon. A new map will be added in a future update, one of the most requested new features by the community, as well as the opportunity for a new event to open up new rewards for players.

Players will have a preview of the new map and new content in the Dark Side trailer, which includes several Easter eggs for those who want to pay attention to every detail.

The news is part of a schedule that includes improvements in quality of life and improvements in performance and stability, as well as matchmaking updates to provide more consistent competition for new and experienced players. Hunting: Conflict It has grown steadily since its introduction and now has over 30 famous hunters, more than 90 famous weapons, more than 35 tools and consumables and more than 80 weapons. The regular release of DLCs helps with the growth of the community, which has recently surpassed 100,000 members on the Discord server. At the “As The Crow Flies” event, the arrival of the new boss, Scrappeak, was announced.

“Our response to our ‘Crow Flying’ event was unique,” said senior producer Fathi Ospiram. Hunting: Conflict. “Based on that success, we are pleased to announce that a new event is coming to the game soon, in addition to a new map that offers hunters new challenges and enemies. In addition to creating new content, we are always looking forward to every aspect of the game to serve our ever-growing friendly and welcoming community. How to improve.There has never been a better time to play Hunting Than now. “

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Hunting: Conflict Only available for PC in Brazil. In other regions, the game can also be played on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.