November 30, 2021


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Toulouse: Marc DeLoche signs a gold game with McDonald’s

A unique piece of jewelry signed by Toulouse jeweler Marc DeLoche will be used in 31 McDonald’s restaurants in the Toulouse region from November 2.

It is the most expensive French fries in the world. Estimated at 15,000 euros. For his collaboration with McDonald’s, Toulouse jeweler Marc DeLoche signed a one-of-a-kind necklace. Made of gold, lacquer and diamonds and accompanied by a gold chain, this design will be available at 31 McDonald’s restaurants in the Toulouse region from November 2.

“The fast food brand approached me to create a unique piece of jewelry. I found the subject funny and unexpected. It is a project between the precious and the fantasy,” smiles Marc DeLoche. The necklace was made by the jeweler, and the jeweler worked on it for three weeks. “It was fun and exciting,” the jeweler details.

Participation takes place at one of the game stations installed in each McDonald’s restaurant and collects player registrations. The terms and conditions of participation are indicated at the station and on the posters displayed in the restaurants. The lucky winner will win the gem by lottery on November 23, 2021. Meanwhile, the gem will be displayed in the Marc DeLoach window for the duration of the game.

List of participating McDonald’s: Aucamville, Auterive, Ayguesvives, Balma, Capitole, Castanet, Compans, Colomiers Perget, Colomiers Center, Cugnaux, Wilson, Esquirol, Fonsorbes, Fronton, Jean Chaubet, Jeanne d’Arc, Koenigs, Labège, Mirail, Montaudran, Moreh, Plaisance, Porte, Burban, Ranguele, RTE Spain, Rock, Roviac, Saint Orenz, Tournevoy, L’Union.