November 30, 2021


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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the most profitable Ubisoft games

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of Ubisoft’s most profitable games, becoming the studio’s most cash-generating game, according to a recent account report.

according to ReportValhalla is a real goose that laid the golden eggs for Ubisoft, having officially become the “second most profitable game” as of the end of the last fiscal quarter. Frederic Doggett was keen to stress that the game’s good performance contributed to achieving results that exceeded the company’s expectations.

The same report notes that Valhalla has outdone Odyssey since its release, which helps explain the studio’s decision to release more content for the game. As a rule, editions of the Assasin’s Creed franchise receive multiple DLC packs over the course of the game’s first year. This time around, Ubisoft wants to increase the longevity of Valhalla, with new DLCs on the horizon.

We’ve also learned that Far Cry 6 has similar financial performance to AC: Odyssey and that players spend 25% more time in the game than they do in Far Cry 5. It’s probably about the irony of Anton Castillo, who doesn’t. Forgive those who left behind you the island of Yarra.

The same report also revealed delays, highlighting The Division Heartlands, which isn’t expected to be released until the next fiscal year.

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