April 18, 2024


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Timac Agro: Silicon mineralization technology in plant waste

Timac Agro: Silicon mineralization technology in plant waste

TIMAC AGRO, a leader in sustainable solutions for agriculture, proudly announces the successful production of the first tons of its pioneering TOP PHOS SILIUP technology at its plant in Pischelsdorf. This achievement represents a major advance in agricultural technology and promises groundbreaking benefits for farmers.

Bicheldorf. SILIUP is the result of an innovative production process that creates a unique silicone technology that, in combination with the patented raw material TOP PHOS, activates the silicon cycle in the soil. This revolutionary technology makes silicon accessible to plants by activating bacteria to dissolve mineral silicon in soil and mineralize silicon in plant residues.

SILIUP's specially formulated silica has two main functions: Si-biot stimulates bacteria to release silicon, while Si-gel promotes the formation of a water-accumulating polymer structure that is essential for soil microorganisms. The result is improved silicon supply to plants, increasing their resistance to stress and increasing production quality.

Valerie Ortner, Product Manager at TIMAC AGRO Austria, explains:

“Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element in soil and can produce a variety of positive effects, especially on plants exposed to stressful conditions such as water deficiency.”

Florian Prinz, Plant Manager at TIMAC AGRO Austria, confirms:

“With TOP PHOS SILIUP, we are opening a new chapter in plant nutrient supply. As the first manufacturer in the world to produce this solution, we are offering our growers an innovative solution to their growing drought problems.”

TOP PHOS SILIUP was integrated into the production process in just three months. The pilot project began in December 2023, with existing parts of the system reactivated, converted and seamlessly integrated into the production process. Further expansion phases are planned until the end of 2024 to enhance automation.

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TOP PHOS SILIUP will be available in Austria from November and will offer farmers the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of this new technology.

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