July 21, 2024


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This new Amazon technology aims to make ID unnecessary

This new Amazon technology aims to make ID unnecessary

Amazon is working on a new technology that will make a person unnecessary in the future. Read here how this is supposed to work.

Amazon is adding another functionality to its Amazon One payment technology. Like the company in a press release It tells you that you can check your age by manual scanning. The system is currently being tested at a football stadium in Denver, Colorado.

Amazon One is a service introduced in 2020. Customers link their accounts with manual scanning. This is then used as a method of payment and to control entry to Amazon Go cashless stores. Amazon also sells the technology to third-party providers such as stadium operators.

No ID Required: This is how Amazon’s new technology works

In the future, Amazon One customers will be able to verify their age with a manual scan.

Image: Amazon

Amazon One customers can now upload a photo of their ID and a personal photo to the service. This will verify the age of the linked account. ID card registration is not saved.

The hand scan can then be used as proof of age, for example when buying alcohol. After the scan, the sales representative sees on the checkout screen whether the customer has already reached the required age, as well as the personal photo uploaded for verification. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to show an identity card. To complete the purchase, the hand must then be scanned again. The technology will soon be used in other locations. It is not yet known if and when this is also the case in Germany.

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