May 17, 2022


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This is how fans of the series keep track of things

With series flowing, it’s easy to lose track: what’s available when and where? Are there any other related and interesting things? This is where the smartphone comes into play.

Hanover – Series streaming has always been part of the canon of the most popular leisure activities. Depending on your mood and provider, you can go through all the episodes at once or look forward to a sequel each week. Sometimes there are three episodes at first, then another one follows each week.

But what if your favorite series suddenly switches to another streaming service? Or if you want to know what other interesting formats are on the right and left of your nose? Apps and websites can help here.

On the other hand, the services are used by those who have multiple subscriptions, watch different series and don’t want to miss anything, explains Nico Goran of the trade magazine “c’t”. Some people would also like to watch series from the USA or Great Britain that are not (yet) available in this country. “At this point at the latest, it becomes confusing, at least because of the time difference.”

Not always on Sundays

In addition, one cannot necessarily count on the weekly rhythm of foreign series that is typical of Germans: in the United States it sometimes happens that seasons split or pause due to public holidays or major sporting events or, depending on the success, you get a new slot at a time Short. And if you watch many series and stop often, you will appreciate being able to immediately see where you left off.

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Services provide information about what is happening – on the web, but also via the application. They are a kind of program guide for the series. Perhaps the most well-known service is, says Rainer Schuldt of Computer Bild. Everything that is broadcast on the Internet can be found here, not only the content of subscription services, but also individual redemptions.

Another popular portal is Built on a huge database, Niko Goran says, it’s perfect for digging deeper into different providers. Media libraries such as ARD, ZDF, or Arte are also covered. After installation, the app queries shared services and preferences to make suggestions.

Here comes the track chain

According to Rainer Schuldt, another hotspot for series and movie searches is “”. Cinema portal “” also provides information about what’s new on Amazon Prime, Netflix & Co.

One of the pioneers in the field of chain tracking is the service “” from the United States of America. Here you can manage your movies in the browser and also via the app. However, with all functions, the service costs about 2.50 euros per month.

Chain tracker apps feature: Users can be reminded of episodes via push notifications so they don’t miss a thing. By focusing on the wallet, you can even decide if only recommendations built into your subscriptions are shown, or whether you might be tempted to make outbound purchases here and there.

Fan series with many subscriptions and at risk of losing things is reorganizing their hobby through apps.

© Daniel Reinhardt / dpa / dpa-tmn

Important: Applications provide information only. The relevant provider is considered. Otherwise, according to Nico Jurran, the following applies: “The apps are relatively identical and free, and the individual differences lie in the functionality.” iOS.

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Translation and spoiler protection

“” also provides statistics, suggestions, a calendar and a comment function. With, the series you are currently watching is always at the top of the list thanks to the sorting function. offers subtitles for download on its website.

The popular relies on a huge database that even includes media libraries.

© Franziska Gabbert / dpa-tmn

The app also includes features for inviting friends and writing comments. The latter is useful for getting an idea of ​​how good or bad it is for others to think of a chain before jumping into it. And with friends, you can compare who looks at things most often.

And if you can’t get enough series and participants, go to the discussion forum. Goran explains a special feature: “Unlike the Facebook forums, you can’t screw up” Anyone who reveals too much and takes others’ surprise will be banned. In addition, you do not get feedback from other people unless you confirm that you have already watched the episode in question or if you have explicitly agreed to know the plot details. dpa