May 19, 2022


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This is how Microsoft wants to preserve the environment with games by 2030

The Climate change and the Environment affect everyone. But especially those who Emission blocks Output – this is also important Microsoft. The company has already adhered to the target in 2020 To be carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste by 2030 to become.

In the context of this post Microsoft President Brad Smith no one Sustainability Report During the past two years and The desired objectives by 2030. Also posted on this topic Dave McCarthyAnd the vice president companya gaming report on Xbox Wire.

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Concessions and Transparency

It seems that Microsoft is the responsibilityAffiliate of the company’s manufacturing and services in Regarding the environment It goes hand in hand with full awareness. In the Sustainability Report Smith admits that general emissions company over the past year rose maybe.

maybe on pandemic related High sales figures From Microsoft devices, especially Xbox, and did Cloud usage demand must one business growth of 20% conducted last year. Associated with that Microsoft’s global data centers expand Which, among other things, led to an increase in emissions.

MicrosoftMicrosoft’s sales are increasing, but mostly because of the Azure cloud platform

With the data collected, Microsoft would like to focus on Emission reduction concentration. start with her Emission reports from suppliersAnd the buy carbon familiesI’m sorry, no carbon emissions cover and Carbon fee increase. All this should be An incentive to take more aggressive action It reduces overall emissions.

Xbox and Game Sustainability Improvements

What affects us directly are, of course, the Microsoft products and what changes them. The primary goal is to develop Xbox products and accessories are 100% recyclable. He is. But what has changed in the past two years?

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  • The Energy saving mode On Xbox it now works 20 times more effective as standby
  • Updates You can now chat Energy saving mode can be downloaded
  • Power saving mode can be used as a file default option During initial setup of the device
  • those used Materials The Xbox Series S consoles have passed PCR resins (post-consumer recycled) replacing
  • The Cloud data centers increasingly with Renewable energy Submitted
  • The Xbox server based on himself Energy saving devices like keyboards
  • conversion from Plastic Cards on Cardboard With Xbox Gift Vouchers

Waste-free work In all areas of business, there is a goal that remains to be achieved. However, perhaps Microsoft is on the right track here, because lately Xbox Series X/S controllers are 97% recyclable has been classified.

PlayStation 5PS5/Series X: How will the new consoles affect the environment

The game should also address the topic of environmental protection:

“As a major publisher and developer, we want to empower game designers of the future to create game content and stories around these topics to raise awareness.”And the McCarthy writes in his report.

eight years Staying with the giant company in order to put these ambitious goals into action. Until then, we’ll have more Updates on progress I promised on this trip.