On Saturday evening, Ubisoft revealed the upcoming movie Werewolves Within as part of its Ubisoft Forward event. There was also an initial sneak peek in the form of a short trailer. This should be coming to movie theaters early in the summer and until it’s available to stream a little later. The dates here are June 25, 2021 for the cinematic release and July 2, 2021 for availability upon request. However, this data may vary and change by region.

Werewolves within is a feature film based on the Ubisoft VR title of the same name. Directed by Josh Ruben (“Scare Me”) and penned by best-selling screenwriter, author and Ubisoft Women’s Film Fellowship Mishna Wolff (“I’m Down”), “Werewolves within” is set in the small town of Beaverfield.

When a killer terrifies the small town’s snow-covered residents, it falls to a new forester to find out who – or what – lies among them in this hilarious horror movie. The band includes Sam Richardson, Milana Vaintraub, George Basil, Sarah Burns, Michael Chernos, Katherine Curtin, Wayne Duvall, Harvey Gillen, Rebecca Henderson, Shayan Jackson, Michaela Watkins and Glenn Fleischler.

The Werewolves Inside: An Exclusive Peek | Ubisoft