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E3 2021: Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Sparks of Hope The game was formalized ahead of its time through a bug from Nintendo

during the ‘E3 2017Yves Guillemot and Shigeru Miyamoto come together on stage to offer an unlikely collaboration, Mario + The Raving Rapids: Battle of the Kingdom. This tactical role-playing game for the Switch, which came out only a few months after its adoption, has been seen many times DLC, including a script appendix Donkey Kong Adventure Featuring the famous primates. Since then, players have been hoping for a sequel, which is suggested by a rumor with a list of a number of games apparently slated for release duringE3 2021. Obviously we were expecting that inUbisoft Striker, but eventually leaked to official site from nintendo Who sold the wick … Yes, the publisher already has in his box a nice surprise with an English title بعنوان Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope.

This new episode will be played visually Mario Galaxy In spirit, as evidenced by the official summary:

Team up with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, the Peach Rabbit, Luigi the Rabbit and their friends on a galactic journey to defeat a malicious entity and save your fellow Spark. Explore the planets of the galaxy while discovering mysterious secrets and fascinating quests!

  • Build your dream team with three heroes from a selective list of nine.
  • Eliminate all new bosses, as well as familiar enemies across the galaxy.
  • Save awesome sparks across the galaxy, which provide special powers that will help you in battle.
  • Unleash the skills of your heroes, but be strategic as you rush to face enemies, team up on allies, and hide behind covers.

Currently, Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is set for 2022 on Switch, without further details. It will be translated into French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.

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Mario Raving Rapids Sparks of Hope 02 12 06 2021 Mario Raving Rapids Sparks of Hope 03 12 06 2021 Mario Raving Rapids Sparks of Hope 04 12 06 2021

While you wait to be able to learn more tonight about this new adventure that promises to keep you well (we’ll update this article as we document), you can always buy Mario + The Raving Rapids: Battle of the Kingdom Certainly Amazon From 26.45 EUR.

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