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In a quiet match, Santos only tied with Juventus at Villa Belmiro – 12/06/2021

In a quiet match, Santos only tied with Juventus at Villa Belmiro – 12/06/2021

In a quiet match in Villa Belmiro, Santos drew 0-0 only with Juventus today (12), for the third round of the Brazilian championship. Fernando Diniz’s team was harmless to visitors. In 90 minutes, Pixie had one clear chance to score with a Caio Jorge header.

On the other hand, the Rio Grande do Sul team eliminated Alfinegro with ease. In addition to impeccable control, the players pressed the ball and locked it, waiting for the counterattack.

Deniz will not be available for Luan Perez against Fluminense, on Thursday (17), for the fourth round of Brazil. The defender has received a third yellow card and will be suspended. He will face Juventud Palmeiras on Wednesday (16) for the same role.

Incompetent saints

The first stage was marked by the incompetence of Santos at Villa Belmiro. In addition to the lack of creativity, Deniz’s team was not very aggressive and objective. He rolled the ball and looked for spaces, but they weren’t effective. Until the 30th minute, goalkeeper Marcelo Carney fired with difficulty.

On the other hand, Juventud closed and tightened the mark, which made it difficult for Santos to finish the ball close to the small area. Alvinegro played a lot of side balls, without being able to break through the defense. The visitors were looking to take advantage of the counterattack opportunities, but they didn’t take any risks either.

Only on the last stage did Santos show a flash and had the first clear chance of stealing Luiz Felipe. The defender Cayo Jorge I saw found him weak and fouled.

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To make the team more offensive, Deniz knocked out Luis Felipe to make way for Marcos Leonardo. Alisson was dropped to defend and Marcus Guilherme took the role of third man in midfield. At the same time, Alvenegro was more dynamic and faster. But it didn’t last long.

Pixie continued to fight to break Juventud’s defense. The visitors followed them with high marks, pressed the ball out and closed, just waiting for the counterattack.

Without much emotion, Peixe slowed down and went back to rolling the ball in search of gaps, but did nothing. Unlike in previous matches, the team hardly risked shots from afar. He insisted on approaching the small area. Meanwhile, Juventus canceled out Santos de Deniz and managed the equaliser.

As a result, Alfingro is ninth in the table with four points. Juventud is in 13th place with two points.

data sheet

Sanctifies 0 X 0 guys

local time: Villa Belmero, in Santos (SP) – June 12, 2021 (Saturday), 7:00 pm (Brasilia time).

Rule: Alexandre Vargas Tavares de Jesus

Auxiliaries: Rodrigo Figueiredo Enrique Correa and Thiago Henrique Neto Correa Farinha

Where: Rodrigo Nunes de Saga

yellow cards: Luanne Peres and Jean Motta (SAN) – Elton and Gilherme Castillo (JUV)


Santos: John & Barra (Madson), Louise Philippe (Marcus Leonardo), Luanne Pérez and Felipe Jonathan; Alison, Jean Motta and Gabriel Berani; Marinho, Marcos Guilherme and Caio Jorge. Artistic: Fernando Deniz.

Youth: Marcelo Karen Michel, Vitor Mendes, Rafael Forster and Alison; Elton, Guilherme Castillo & Capixaba (Broninho); Marcos Vinicius, Chico (Fernando Pacheco) and Weasley (Matheus Jesus). Technical. Marquinhos Santos.

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