September 24, 2021


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The video game Human By Numbers was revealed ahead of its August 17 release. – Multimedia

A few days before the release of the HumankindTM video game on August 17th, Amplitude Studios tells us more about what to expect.

45 animal species

The game will feature 60 different historical cultures that can be combined to create an unparalleled civilization. Come on, mental math: 6 eras, 10 cultures each, so we get to a million possibilities. And when it comes to personalizing an avatar: the possibilities are nearly endless.

Players will find 129 different units, ready to move through 10 custom biomes. These biomes will host 45 animal species, moving as they see fit over the wild lands they can inhabit. The players’ ingenuity, their unforgettable exploits, and all those moments that define what happens to the story will be showcased through 700 illustrations created for the occasion.

122 outfits for your avatar

As it develops, players will discover 93 distinct technologies, and they will be accompanied by more than 13 hours of audio environments (distributed over 1,300 audio files). This soundtrack will be peppered with 280 titles composed by Arnaud Roy, totaling 520 minutes of original soundtrack played by 63 musicians and 20 vocalists.

Your avatar will evolve with the times, and you will consecutively wear one of 122 custom designed outfits. As for his character, 10,000 lines of singing have been recorded. It can be heard across 150 branches of the narrative. These things will shape people and set them apart, making 10 player multiplayer games truly unique.

HumankindTM is available at pre order computer & fence stadia. The game will also be part of Microsoft Xbox Game Pass From 17 August.

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