September 24, 2021


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[Kaufberatung] – 21:9 (24:10) screen is required for games

I’ve had LG34gn850 here for 3 days. The display is now nearly two years behind in hardware development. If you want to do the painting lottery, you can’t go wrong with this. Great for gaming, for photo/video editing, 21:9 screens are a joke, it’s obvious! Better alternatives. The above parts are almost exclusively pure gaming monitors. You’ll notice this, for example, when you start watching simple things like YT videos. The left and right bars cannot be removed with formats outside of 16:9 and the cropped extensions that can be stretched are not a lossless eye treatment. So, if you need such things, always keep them in mind.
38s are a bit better in terms of formatting. With the AW3821 you have to look, the ne 0 pixel error guarantees nothing about the rest of the usual suspects in IPS panels, like BLB or Glow in the corners. This can also look good in LG, without overexposing mobile phone images around the grid, from screen in dark rooms with brightness maxed out, you can see here with my 34GN850:
Otherwise, go to Amazon until Amazon blocks your account or you can get a “good” form. ;)

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