October 1, 2022


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The reason why Apple buried the '3D touch' that won iPhone users |  AppBank

The reason why Apple buried the ‘3D touch’ that won iPhone users | AppBank

Apple equipped with “iPhone 6s””3D TouchThis feature, which was highly rated by users, was deprecated in the “iPhone 11” series. The reason for this was explained by Apple Explained, a YouTube channel familiar to Apple.

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Why Apple Abandoned iPhone 3D Touch

3D Touch debuted on the iPhone 6s in 2015, and Apple called it as revolutionary as multitouch. The advantage of 3D Touch is that it can significantly increase the range of operations on the iPhone.

Given how influential multi-touch was after the first iPhone came out, you can understand how important Apple’s claim is. However, despite it being an innovative feature, 3D Touch has been canceled with the iPhone 11.

But 3D Touch was not flawed. The feature itself was very well received, and many users wanted it back even after it was turned off. “3D Touch was the best,” said tech mogul YouTuber Marcus Brownlee, who has more than 15.9 million subscribers.

3D Touch is made possible by integrating a capacitive sensor into the iPhone’s backlight. By measuring the slight distance between the cover glass and the display backlight, we provided the user with a new process of “pushing”.

For 3D Touch, there’s also a component called the “Taptic Engine” that enables shorter, more precise tactile vibrations and taps than standard cell phone vibration motors.

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When it debuted on the iPhone 6s, Apple said 3D Touch could be used to quickly view emails, preview calendar events, check flight details, swipe to other apps, and more.

This feature makes navigation on iOS faster and easier. To get the most out of these new features, each app needs to be improved.

But this was the first pitfall. Apple can only control its own apps. As a result, many third-party apps do not support 3D Touch.

It was also a problem that there was no change in the appearance of the iPhone. 3D Touch is not a feature that can be confirmed from the outside, so it did not stand out from a consumer perspective.

And while 3D Touch is convenient, it’s not a “necessary feature to use your device.” iPhone users can ignore this feature and continue using their iPhone as before.

Apple understood this issue, so when it released the iPhone 6s, it announced 3D Touch to users in a big way.

Not only did Apple hit a TV ad featuring 3D Touch, but it also installed giant tables with built-in screens in some Apple stores. Each table shows two rows of iPhones that users can touch.

And with 3D Touch technology, waves travel from the iPhone screen to the big screen under the table. The size of the ripples is determined by how hard you press the iPhone screen. Force strength was measured with 3D Touch.

But while Apple’s efforts have sparked interest in 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s, it hasn’t been enough.

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Since Apple only largely promoted this feature with the iPhone 6s, 3D Touch has eclipsed every new feature introduced by the iPhone 7, 8, X, and XS.

In addition, many users who knew about the existence of 3D Touch had fewer opportunities to use it. This is because some apps can use 3D Touch and some can’t.

Even with a compatible app, users have to decide what shortcuts the app offers and whether it’s worth using.

The last issue is cost. Former Apple Vice President Phil Schiller said when the iPhone 6s was announced, “It’s very difficult to create a screen that supports 3D touch. ”

“If users don’t use 3D Touch, they waste a year or two of engineering, huge cost and manufacturing investments,” he said.

But sadly, 3D Touch is all over. Some users love 3D Touch on a daily basis. However, many users were unaware of its existence or forgot about it.

Finally, Apple is abandoning 3D Touch with the iPhone 11. Some users lamented, but given the cost and prevalence, it can be argued that Apple’s decision to discontinue the use of 3D Touch was correct.

Removing features from iPhone that have always been popular with some users is not an easy decision. Apple’s stance on completing the design philosophy of ditching the gimmick and sticking to simplicity makes me appalled.