May 26, 2022


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Noah's mask for the opponent Hania hides the motives

Noah’s mask for the opponent Hania hides the motives

Tango Gameworks has a new action game video for the evening Ghost Wire Tokyo published, which touches on many subject areas. We see the supporters of the evil Hanya, various creatures from Japanese mythology, and the supernatural abilities that the duo Akito and KK use to defend themselves against the danger that Tokyo is trying to devour in the game.

Meanwhile, game director Kenji Kimura is introducing new details about the story PlayStation Blog, where he talked about the motive of the opponent Hania. The developer states that the intentions of the actors will not be clear at first glance:

“We have been inspired by the history of the wearers of Noh masks used in traditional Japanese dramas. Wearing a human actor [die Noh-Maske], when playing a non-human person, such as an oni or a ghost. If the mask is worn in a bleak theater, according to perspective, […] Recognize different expressions, such as joy, anger, sadness, or pleasure.”

we are playing Ghost Wire Tokyo We’re currently reviewing and we’ll soon tell you about our experiences with the game. The title will be available on PS5 and PC on March 25, but those who pre-order will get the adventure three days in advance.

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