November 30, 2021


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The razor future mask is on sale now - Multimedia

The razor future mask is on sale now – Multimedia

Razor’s future mask, Presented at CES earlier this year, Which also became a commodity and started selling this morning. Zephyr is available in two packages. The simple kit includes a mask, a bag, a USB-C charging cable, fog resistance and three sets of N95 filters that last nine days (each lasts an average of 72 hours). In the most complete version, the package contains everything, but the filters in it are 33, which will give you 99 days.

Zephyr can be ordered through the company’s website and costs $ 99.99 for the most basic version and $ 149.9 for the most complete version. You can also buy new filters in the online store. The 10 pack is enough for a month and costs $ 29.99. However, all packages – masks or filters – are already exhausted and can only be requested to be notified when there are new units for sale at this time.

The razor mask started out as a prototype, but created so much excitement that the brand decided to turn it into a branded product. It has an integrated ventilation system, made of transparent plastic, with ease of communication, connectivity, an utility and plenty of lighting.

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In terms of design, the look is reminiscent of a gas mask. Convenient to adjust to any size of head, the mask adjusts to the head doubling band. The front plastic has a coating to prevent fog and an active ventilation system, which regulates air intake and quality. The system can be controlled with a button on the mask and works with fan support, which can rotate the air at two different speeds.

One of the features that was initially announced and not integrated into the first commercial version of the product was the user’s voice amplification system with speakers and microphone. According to the company, the function has disappeared to lighten the mask and increase the size of the air intake zones.

As far as health certification is concerned, Zephyr has nothing to do with it and has already confirmed that the mask has not been tested against Govit-19, or does not want to compete with these certified products, although it claims to be a safe mask for daily use in the social environment. . However, built-in N95 filters are 99% efficient at filtering out bacteria.

The razor is mostly named for gaming devices. This is the first time the mask has been marketed, allowing it to integrate some custom products such as a customizable lighting system into the brand’s products – Chroma RGB, which offers 16.8 million colors and a variety of special effects.

Zephyr also has Bluetooth and support for one application, from which you can control the lighting system. The mask has an internal battery with a maximum of eight hours of autonomy.