December 1, 2022


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Distributing "Pokemon Go" Content with Prime Gaming - Akiba Research Institute

Distributing “Pokemon Go” Content with Prime Gaming – Akiba Research Institute

Amazon’s Prime Gaming, which provides PC games, console games, mobile games, etc., will expand in-game content for “Pokémon GO” primary members.

With Prime Gaming, Prime members can play the game for free and indefinitely, and a monthly Twitch channel subscription is also available.

Prime Gaming announces free games and content for the month of December like “Apex Legends” and “Genshin Impact”!

This time, it was decided to distribute the content of the game “Pokémon GO”. Prime members will receive a bundle containing Pokémon GO bonus items, such as monster balls and genki blocks, every two weeks starting May 19. The first package consists of 30 monster balls, 5 blocks of Genki, and 1 piece of Hoshino.

In addition, “Community Day” will be held in May from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, May 21, and a large number of “Geodude” (Aurora swords) will occur! This item will be useful in “Community Day” and “Pokémon GO Fest 2022”, so please get it.

Prime Gaming page:

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Visit the Pokémon GO page on Prime Gaming. Select the width you want and follow the instructions.

▼ How to redeem your code online
1. Visit the promo code redemption website.
2. Log in with the same credentials as your “Pokémon GO” account.
3. Enter the code.
4. If the code is successfully redeemed, the added item will be shown in the notification.

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▼ How to redeem the code in the game (Android only)
1. Click on “Main Menu” (the monster ball icon) from the in-game map screen.
2. Click on the “Shop” icon.
3. Enter the code in the text entry field at the bottom of the Store screen.
4. Click on “Redemption”.

In-game code redemption is currently only available for Android devices. For iOS devices, use the online redeem code above.

*Currently, if you have a Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) account, you cannot redeem your code online. If you log in with a PTC, you can redeem your code by linking to another login provider.

* When playing “Pokémon GO”, please be careful about the safety and enjoyment of your surroundings in accordance with the laws and policies of national and local governments. Upcoming events may be canceled or changed.