December 6, 2021


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Imagem de: Diretor de Fatal Frame pensa em remasterizar mais jogos da série

The director of Fatal Frame is thinking about redesigning more games in this series

Dangerous Frame: The Virgin of Black Water Its restoration will be released next week on October 28th, much to the excitement of many fans. Many, who surprised the director of the game, are now considering giving the owners the same restorative treatment for old titles.

Makoto Shibada, owner director of Koi Techmo, talked about coming back with JP Games Virgin of black water, Which really is Fifth Dangerous frame. The producer was asked if he had any plans to make further redesigns of the series, to which he replied: “As the title is being prepared for the 20th anniversary of this series, we do not currently plan to produce reprinted versions.”

But just because there are no plans right now does not mean it cannot be changed. Shibada continues his statement, highlighting the audience’s response to this first restructuring: “However, the reactions we have received from everyone have exceeded our expectations, so I would like to think about moving it forward.”

Dangerous Frame: The Virgin of Black Water, Also known as Dangerous frame 5 Where The program is zero, Its original release in 2014, only on Wii U., was part of the audience’s excitement, and then, from players who had tried previous titles but had no chance to play this, because they did not actually buy Wii U for remasters of titles that appeared on the most popular consoles, such as the first Fatal Frame on the PS2. Wait to see what the reaction of the fans will be.