April 23, 2024


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The new Galaxy Fold will continue to be 100% bet on the S-Pen

If the rumors are true, even with the current crisis in semiconductor production, Samsung plans to launch the third generation of its Galaxy Z folding phones in July. Like the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the device that supports the S-Pen does not come with a slot to fix it.

A strange strategy, the Note 21 has been canceled in the last few weeks.

The new Galaxy Fold will continue to be 100% bet on the S-Pen

So, as I said above, we are not going to get the new Galaxy Note in 2021! It pointed the finger at the semiconductor crisis as Samsung said in a statement. However, in reality, all of this seems like an advantage to being a South Korean company! In order to test the water for the disappearance of products of this size. (The reference range still weighs a lot on the market! In fact, it was the first note to form the word paplate)

With all the reference missing, the S-Pen is expected to be 100% integrated with the rest of the brand’s top devices. However, this is happening at an early stage. After all, the S21 comes with Ultra support, but you need to buy a ‘special’ cover to save the pen. And frankly, Z Fold 3 follows the same strategy.

That is, the S-Pen must be purchased separately, and if you do not want to lose it, you will have to buy a separate card. Does this make sense? It’s not meat or minnow, it’s a solution in the middle that will lead to the S-Pen ‘killing’ a little bit.

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